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Step by Step guide on how to generate more online Leads for your Accounting Firm

The internet is the most effective source of leads generation to Accounting firms. As an accountant, CPA and/or tax planner, your major challenge would be how to get more online leads for your business.

Although there are well known traditional marketing tactics like networking, word of mouth and referrals, etc. They are usually slow, unpredictable and difficult to scale.

Today, I would like to show you how to get 100x more high quality online leads for your accounting firm. These are the exact steps that we at Elios Pictures use for all our clients. Everyone who followed these steps has had amazing success and some even generated millions of dollars in revenue.


There are 5 steps to generating 100x more predictable and consistent high quality online leads for your accounting firm. They include;


This is the first and most important step. Accounting is a service that every business needs, so there is a lot of competition. You would need to find a way to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

There’s no need to be everything to everyone. There are many powerful advantages to specialization including; being able to command higher billing rates, generating more leads, and being able to close sales more easily.

You can understand an industry so well that you know all the non-accounting business challenges they are facing. This will give you an edge when generating leads in that industry. The best part is that other CPA firms will completely be oblivious to this.


Most medium and large businesses already have accounting firms they are loyal to and have worked with for years. It would therefore be logical for you to find starts ups and small businesses that you can grow with.

These are businesses that are in need of accounting services and are not loyal to anyone yet. Once you specialise on a particular industry, the next step would be for you to find start-ups in that industry. To learn how to find start-ups and small business owners in specific industries, see step 4.


Business owners often times HATE taking risks. Or better yet, making big decisions (i.e. long-term commitments). When posed with a situation that forces them to go from “zero to a hundred”, then they will usually play the “safe” route, even if it’s the wrong thing for them to do.

It would thus be important for you to give them an enticing offer that would allow them understand your unique services and experience first hand your ability to meet their need.

Your enticing offer can be; a discount on your “initial” reconciliation package, 50% off previous month’s bookkeeping services, etc. you can also use the ROI approach and let them know how you can help them save thousands of dollars every year if they book a consultation with you etc.

Whatever it maybe, depending on the industry you choose to specialise in, find an offer than would appeal to them.
The key benefit is that it allows you build trust with your clients. Also when you exceed their expectation, they are more likely to want to keep working with you. It allows them see you as a valuable partner, not just another bookkeeper.

Once you help them solve their initial problem, you can then charge them your ongoing service fees.


The next step is to create an automated leads funnel. But first, what is an automated leads funnel?
An automated leads funnel is a system that finds leads automatically, nurtures them and gets them to book an appointment with you, without your direct effort.

Let’s break it down, it is a system that finds leads automatically and continuously (without your direct effort), nurtures them (without your direct effort) and gets them to book an appointment (without your direct effort).

So say for example;

you decide to focus on providing bookkeeping services to e-commerce businesses, you want to focus on start-ups and you are intend to offer 50% discount on your first service to encourage business owners to work you.

The automated leads funnel will help you find CEOs of e-commerce start-ups that are interested in your offering and are interested in booking a meeting with you.

The end result of the automated leads funnel is that you have at least 10 – 30 CEOs of e-commerce start-ups booking appointments with you monthly.

To find out exactly how the automated leads funnel works and how to set it up, click here to book a free consultation.


The last and final setup is to measure and optimize. When you start getting appointments, you would need to measure your results and ensure that they align with your objectives. If they do not, you can optimize your automated leads funnel and let the leads funnel do the rest.

These are the 5 steps used in generating high quality online leads for your accounting firm. The best part is that 80% of the entire process can be completed automated by the leads funnel. The leads funnel makes generating high quality leads a predictable and consistent outcome. It also allows you focus on other areas of your business like ensuring you exceed your clients expectations and more.

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